#1 Non-Typical with Bow
Tim Krauss
No# 1 Firearms
77-4/8" from Wicomico County
Albert H. Piasecki
No# 2 Non-Typical Crossbow
195-3/8" from Kent County
#1 Typical FIREARMS
Arthur Rhoderick
No# 4 Firearms
72" from Dorchester County
Peter Marth
No# 7 Non-Typical Crossbow
173-0/8" from Caroline County
Dale Gertz
No# 3 Non-Typical Archery-Bow
208-7/8" from Anne Arundel County
Charlie Wallace
2016 from St. Mary's County - Crossbow
186-7/8" Gross, 172-3/8" Net
Scored by Steve Keithley
Jamie Houchens
2016 from Prince George's County - Compound Bow
Rough Green Score - 200-1/8"
(Not officially scored as of yet)
David Ciekot's 354-pound sow took top honors with a 17-7/8" measurement. This bear now leads the sow black bear division.
Eric Paugh watched 2 stags fight it out last October in Dorchester County. He arrowed the winner that responded to Doug Wigfield's "Sika Seducer".
Eric's 66-1/8" stag was originally entered in the MTDC. He sent it to us through this website.
James A. Smith took this terrific 13-point whitetail buck in Cecil County on Opening Day 2016 with a rifle. Bob Newton scored it at 180-7/8" gross and 170-6/8" as a typical whitetail. Bob also submitted it to Boone & Crockett Club's All-Time Record Book.
Jay Callahan with his State Record Sika Deer Stag harvested in Dorchester County with a score of 75-4/8 inches.
Brian H. Miller's 2012 non-typical whitetail from Kent County, scored 188-1/8 inches and is entered in the Boone and Crockett Club records as well as BBS.
This buck - note the damaged skull - was poached; shot in the face, in Caroline County. The grievously injured buck lasted 4 days until it succumbed and was recovered by Sheldon Neal who had been watching this buck for over 3 years. It scored 177-0/8" gross and 162-3/8" net in the BBS Whitetail Found/Pickup category. Sad end to a terrific Whitetail.
In the Whitetail Firearms Category; Female Division - Megan Weaver, age 23, lives in Anne Arundel county. This giant whitetail was harvested in Howard county on 11-25-17 with a 20-gauge shotgun. Gross typical score: 170-2/8". Net typical score: 163-0/8. Measured by Steve Keithley. Note the tag in the ear. This buck was captured, tagged and released into the wild for a Lyme disease study conducted by UMD in February 2017. Megan downed it on opening day of firearms season. Congratulations!
Rob Cline found this 11-point, Howard County buck that had been shot and lost 3 years prior to its recovery. It died in a marsh and the water preserved the skull and antlers. Total bone 170-6/8" Gross was 165-2/8 with a Net of 153-6/8" as measured by Bob Newton III.
Ed Winchester arrowed this buck of a lifetime in mid-November of 2018. His non-typical whitetail, taken in Queen Anne's County, had a Gross score of 196-6/8" and a Net of 189-2/8" as measured by Bob Newton III.
Kevin Robison entered his 1995 Allegany County non-typical whitetail (biggest we've seen from there) taken in Firearms season, by sending evidence of the score as recorded in DNR's Annual Deer Report. 173-6/8 Net.
Bob Bartoshesky harvested this Wicomico County stag named "Big 7" - 78-7/8" Gross and 74-1/8" Net - it's a new Archery State Record!
Its official! Ryan Woerner’s huge Cecil county buck has been measured by Bobby Newton III and entered into “Maryland’s Finest”record book. He will also be entered in the Boone and Crockett clubs all time book as well as The Pope and Young club records. This outstanding whitetail was taken with a compound bow on October 18th 2020. With a gross typical score of 186 2/8 and a net final score of 175 6/8, the huge ten point is the new number five all time for the state of Maryland in the typical bow category. Congrats Ryan on this true deer of a lifetime!