#1 Non-Typical with Bow
Tim Krauss
No# 1 Firearms
77-4/8" from Wicomico County
Albert H. Piasecki
No# 2 Non-Typical Crossbow
195-3/8" from Kent County
#1 Typical FIREARMS
Arthur Rhoderick
No# 4 Firearms
72" from Dorchester County
Peter Marth
No# 7 Non-Typical Crossbow
173-0/8" from Caroline County
Dale Gertz
No# 3 Non-Typical Archery-Bow
208-7/8" from Anne Arundel County
Charlie Wallace
2016 from St. Mary's County - Crossbow
186-7/8" Gross, 172-3/8" Net
Scored by Steve Keithley
Jamie Houchens
2016 from Prince George's County - Compound Bow
Rough Green Score - 200-1/8"
(Not officially scored as of yet)
David Ciekot's 354-pound sow took top honors with a 17-7/8" measurement. This bear now leads the sow black bear division.
Eric Paugh watched 2 stags fight it out last October in Dorchester County. He arrowed the winner that responded to Doug Wigfield's "Sika Seducer".
Eric's 66-1/8" stag was originally entered in the MTDC. He sent it to us through this website.
James A. Smith took this terrific 13-point whitetail buck in Cecil County on Opening Day 2016 with a rifle. Bob Newton scored it at 180-7/8" gross and 170-6/8" as a typical whitetail. Bob also submitted it to Boone & Crockett Club's All-Time Record Book.
Jay Callahan with his State Record Sika Deer Stag harvested in Dorchester County with a score of 75-4/8 inches.
Brian H. Miller's 2012 non-typical whitetail from Kent County, scored 188-1/8 inches and is entered in the Boone and Crockett Club records as well as BBS.
This buck - note the damaged skull - was poached; shot in the face, in Caroline County. The grievously injured buck lasted 4 days until it succumbed and was recovered by Sheldon Neal who had been watching this buck for over 3 years. It scored 177-0/8" gross and 162-3/8" net in the BBS Whitetail Found/Pickup category. Sad end to a terrific Whitetail.
In the Whitetail Firearms Category; Female Division - Megan Weaver, age 23, lives in Anne Arundel county. This giant whitetail was harvested in Howard county on 11-25-17 with a 20-gauge shotgun. Gross typical score: 170-2/8". Net typical score: 163-0/8. Measured by Steve Keithley. Note the tag in the ear. This buck was captured, tagged and released into the wild for a Lyme disease study conducted by UMD in February 2017. Megan downed it on opening day of firearms season. Congratulations!
Rob Cline found this 11-point, Howard County buck that had been shot and lost 3 years prior to its recovery. It died in a marsh and the water preserved the skull and antlers. Total bone 170-6/8" Gross was 165-2/8 with a Net of 153-6/8" as measured by Bob Newton III.
Ed Winchester arrowed this buck of a lifetime in mid-November of 2018. His non-typical whitetail, taken in Queen Anne's County, had a Gross score of 196-6/8" and a Net of 189-2/8" as measured by Bob Newton III.
Kevin Robison entered his 1995 Allegany County non-typical whitetail (biggest we've seen from there) taken in Firearms season, by sending evidence of the score as recorded in DNR's Annual Deer Report. 173-6/8 Net.
Bob Bartoshesky harvested this Wicomico County stag named "Big 7" - 78-7/8" Gross and 74-1/8" Net - it's a new Archery State Record!