(Junior is 16 & under)

(F) FIREARM (Shotgun, Rifle or Handgun)
Typical; 140 | Non-Typical; 160

(B) BOW (Vertical Compound or Traditional)
Typical; 115 | Non-Typical; 135

(XB) CROSSBOW - Typical; 115 | Non-Typical; 135

(ML) MUZZLELOADER - Typical; 120 | Non-Typical; 140

(PU) PICKUP/FOUND - Whitetail Bucks Only Typical;
140 | Non-Typical; 160

ALL - 50-inches minimum

(PU) PICKUP/FOUND - Sika stags;
50-inches minimum

ALL - 16-inches minimum



HUNTER DIVISION - Same Minimum Scores as above

FEMALE DIVISION - Same Minimum Scores as above

Minimum for scoring, 110-inches Typical | 125-inches non-typical. F/B/XB/ML
Minimums above for SCORING your Maryland Whitetail, Sika Deer or Maryland Black Bear. We will consider any Whitetail or Sika Deer from any year.

Send your photos to us at score@bucks-bears-stags.com.

CLICK HERE for the REQUEST for SCORE page.

Special Note: If your Maryland White-tailed Deer, Maryland Black Bear or Maryland Sika Deer is currently recognized in any of the Maryland records, e.g. Pope & Young Club, Boone & Crockett Club, NMLRA Longhunter Society, Maryland Trophy Deer Contest and others, we would be glad to add your records to ours. We will honor score sheets and animals that are pending. If you have questions, please email us at bbs@bucks-bears-stags.com
Each $19.95 + $1.20 MD Sales Tax + $5.80 S&H - Total $26.95
Payable with Check or Credit Card via PayPal

This book is a compilation of more than 30 years of the best and biggest Maryland Whitetails, Black Bears and Sika Stags ever recorded. It's not just names and numbers. True, we honor the animals and recognize the hunters. But we have also included history, photos and stories; all to promote Maryland's outstanding science-based wildlife management with the overarching theme of conservation.
"The Official Record-Keeper for Maryland Trophy Deer and Bears"
February 3, 2022 -- Maryland DNR Wildlife & Heritage Service
August 18, 2021 - Maryland Wildlife Advisory Commission
understands that we, as hunters, must be ethical and responsible.
A portion of our profits will be shared with
Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry.
Robert Newton III measures a heavy beamed whitetail.
BBS is not a contest and any animal taken in any year will be considered for entry. If the animal's score qualifies for Pope and Young Club or Boone and Crockett Club, our official measurers will facilitate their entry - additional information and fees required.
An absolute giant buck named "TNT" was harvested 01/10/21 in QA county by Troy N. Thomas with a shotgun. The five-by-five frame carries amazing mass and has three additional non-typical tines. With over 100,000 folks reached on our page by shares, many have been anxious for the final numbers. After the drying period we have a gross score of 201 7/8 as a 13 point. His typical 5x5 frame carries a staggering 193 1/8 inches. With 7 5/8 inches of abnormal tines combined with symmetry deductions the final net score as a typical, places him at 173 4/8 making him #10 all time for Maryland typical with firearms. At that number he also makes Boone and Crockett's all-time record book. This deer has a great story behind it and happened to a great person. Congrats to you Troy from the entire BBS team!
Steve Keithley measuring a terrific Southern Maryland
velvet buck.
Doug Wigfield measuring a high-scoring Sika stag.

The "Maryland's Finest" The Records and the Legacy
has been picked up from the printers. This book is amazing with lots of stories and pictures along with the highest scoring bucks, bears and stags across Maryland. Order yours today!
Another big youth buck in the books as we officially measured Mikey Poff’s Cecil county stud! The chocolate antlered rack carried 162 0/8 gross inches and netted in at 146 5/8 inches after deductions. Congrats young man on a deer that will be very hard to top!
See Maryland's Finest Page for more updates!
The Mission of Bucks-Bears-Stags is to celebrate the long-honored heritage of recreational hunting in Maryland. Excellent habitat, fertile soil and science-based wildlife management have given us a world-class White-tailed Deer herd, a robust and expanding American Black Bear population and a unique "Maryland-only" residency of Sika Deer.

We celebrate the success of Maryland's wildlife management by acknowledging the successful hunters and by honoring the finest examples of those legally harvested Maryland bucks, bears and stags.

We also believe that the future of hunting rests with the young. We encourage Youth participation and the continued participation of men, women and seniors in our noble pursuit of wild game.

We also believe it is our Mission to support the non-profit organizations that promote and protect our publicly-owned sustainable resources.
(photo courtesy of Jim Veheck)